Doctor Suspended After Mocking Patient Suffering From Anxiety Attack

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20-year-old Samuel Bardwell was unable to get up from a hospital bed at El Camino Hospital in California, after he suffered an anxiety attack following basketball practice last Monday, reported SFGate.

The patient usually took Klonopin, a benzodiazepine that can treat anxiety, panic attacks, or seizures.

Bardwell was rushed to the emergency room on June 11 after he suffered an apparent anxiety attack and passed out after a basketball workout at West Valley College in Saratoga, California.

Bardwell's father told Keegstra that his son had been throwing up and slipping in and out of consciousness, and he was concerned that if he took his son home without treatment, the anxiety attack would continue "because he's in the same shape that he was in when he came" to the hospital.

"She said, 'I know why you people are here, you people who come here for drugs, ' and I said 'What do you mean you people?'" Donald said.

The video shows Keegstra doubting Samuel Bardwell's account of what happened to him and also trying to force the man to sit up by pulling at his arm.

Keegstra also was seen on the cellphone video angrily telling Bardwell he's "the least sick of all the people who are here who are dying".

Efforts by ABC News to reach Keegsta for comment were not immediately successful.

After widespread criticism on social media, El Camino Hospital CEO Dan Woods said in a statement that the doctor's demeanor, which he called "unprofessional", is "not the standard we require of all who provide care".

In an updated statement, the hospital confirmed its " ... contracted provider for emergency services, Vituity/California Emergency Physicians, has been notified to permanently remove this physician from the list of approved physicians assigned to provide emergency care at our hospitals".

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Pictured Dr Beth Keegstra, ER doctor administering help to anxiety attack patient, Samuel Bardwell.

An American doctor has been fired from the hospital she was working from after a video of her in tense standoff with a patient has gone viral.

Since Donald Bardwell uploaded the video to Facebook, the clip has been shared over 106,000 times and been viewed by more than 4.2 million people. "Sam played for maybe five minutes before he had to step out", Bardwell's coach, Scott Eitelgeorge, said.

"Yes, that's how p***ed off you got me", Dr. Keegstra said.

"You want us to wheel you to your house in the gurney?" the doctor quips, before laughing at Bardwell as he says it's hard for him to inhale.

Samuel said he has contacted a lawyer and is considering suing the hospital.

"Here we go", Bardwell said. "It was so agonizing pain it surprised me they were urging me to get up".

Responds Keegstra in turn, 'He can't inhale!'

For now, Dr. Keegstra's actions have resulted in her suspension. "In my mind, I don't think she should be practicing medicine at all", he said.