Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teases Return Of Jade, Introduces hitRECord Partnership

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Audiences got a look at a crew that will likely be a major part of the new game and, at the end, a new character makes her first appearance.

Ubisoft's E3 2018 press conference is now underway, and the company wasted little time in getting to one of its most anticipated games: Beyond Good and Evil 2.

To date, HitRecord has paid out $2.6 million to musicians, writers, artists and more.

The original "Beyond Good and Evil", a classic 3D action-adventure game, was released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo Game Cube, and PC in fall 2003. As of right now they're working on the Beyond Good & Evil project, and because there's no real barrier to joining HitRecord that means you can input on it too.

That will have to be a question answered for another day, unfortunately, as Ubisoft still has much work to do before Beyond Good & Evil 2 is released. With the monkey seeing a large storm approach the ship and closing with Jade, the main protagonist of the first game, glaring at the crew with a sword to Pey'j's surprise.

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Ubisoft then brought a special guest out onto the state in Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This program has been put in place in conjunction with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Hit Record program which encourages creativity in artists at a collaborative level worldwide.

It keeps sounding like BG&E2 is moving toward a more open-ended design - how will it compare to the best sandbox games on PC?

We also get to see the logo of the Space Monkey program, an aerial fight, a look at a group of enemies, and a group image with numerous characters. We also urge you to check out this playlist of videos which includes details about payment and a Beyond Good and Evil 2 world overview.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has had an up-and-down development cycle dating all the way back to 2007.