Halo Infinite announced in epic new trailer

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It was a suitably large crowd given the enormity of what was to follow as Microsoft announced showcased a record 52 games on stage including 18 console launch exclusives and 15 world premieres.

Microsoft's own conference, on the other hand, was a vintage year for the publisher - not hard, of course, given how lackluster the past few have been, but it was absolutely a big statement of intent. Microsoft also announced that it is in the process of acquiring another British developer, Leamington Spa-based Playground Games, which is best known for developing the Forza Horizon series and working on many core Forza Motorsport games.

More news is expected to be revealed on this feature for Xbox One fans, so it might be worth keeping an eye out for that too. While Xbox One has enjoyed a relatively strong selection of first party titles during its life, whether stalwarts such as Halo and Forza or experimental fresh blood like Sunset Overdrive or Ori, there's no denying Microsoft has struggled to keep pace with chief rival Sony. While this could be stretching to describe Halo's traditional, signature open-sandbox gameplay, this language does appear to sound much grander than what longtime fans have experienced and come to expect from a Halo game.

They weren't lying. No fewer than three new Gears of War titles were revealed. A new Xbox-exclusive game from Dark Souls developer From Software was shown, titled Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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That device "will set the benchmark for console gaming".

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Given AMD now has a strong hold on the console market it's very likely the new Xbox consoles will be powered by enhanced Radeon graphics beyond Vega. The industry is headed in an exciting direction, and we see an opportunity to create fantastic new game experiences of the future.

Halo Fireteam Raven is an upcoming arcade shooter which sees up to four players grab turret-mounted machine guns to battle the Covenant.

Behind the scenes, the gathering will explore issues like the use of artificial intelligence in games, and streaming console-quality titles from the cloud to devices other than consoles.

Microsoft kicked off its E3 2018 press conference with a small teaser for the next Halo, called Halo Infinite.