Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Savannah Phillips at Beaufort Polo Club

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Sporting an off-the-shoulder striped dress by Zara, Kate had fun in the sun with two of her adorable kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as they watched Prince William play in a polo match at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire, England.

Charlotte attempted headstands and pranced around the grounds, much to the amusement of her mother, who could be seen having a hearty laugh while her daughter was upside down.

Despite their younger brother Prince Louis and dad Prince William being nowhere in sight, Prince George and Princess Charlotte looked very happy as they played together on the grass.

After the pictures emerged, several people took to Twitter to voice their outrage and suggest that the royal family should have been more mindful about the toys they give Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Should little George been given a more "peaceful" toy to play with or is this all a big noise over nothing?

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Prince George was seen playing with a policeman's kit, as his obsession with officers shows no sign of abating. The little ones were clearly excited to be out and about after attending Queen Elizabeth's more formal Trooping the Colour the day before.

But it was Princess Charlotte who really stole the show on the day, putting on a cheeky display for mum Catherine and the family's close friends, during the match.

Savannah, 7, first pretended she was conducting music as the national anthem played and then put her hand over the mouth of George, who appeared to be singing along, as if to quiet him.

Giving us deja vu today, Savannah and George have unconsciously replicated the incident, showing just how times have changed, but the antics of young British Royals haven't.

The family was out after melting hearts at the Queen's Trooping the Colour birthday celebrations.