Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Tetris Effect coming to PS4, PSVR this fall

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As promised a couple of days ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a brand new PS4 game during a pre-E3 livestream. "Well a big hint is in the name itself; if you Google "Tetris Effect research" you'll discover it's not just our game title but also a well-known phenomenon proven by many academic studies". I definitely saw Tetris blocks in there somewhere, but they were buried under several layers of intriguing visuals and audio, paired with discussion of people seeing Tetris blocks outside of playing the game itself.

More announcements are set for every morning, 8 a.m. PT, leading up to PlayStation's showcase on June 11, including two more VR games set for reveal on Saturday and Sunday. Tetris Effect is named after an actual psychological effect seen in Tetris players, and Sony says the game is created to enhance elements of this phenomenon. The Zone will allow players to get out of a Game Over scenario or rack up extra line clears for bonus rewards. Get a look at Tetris Effect in the video above.

There will also be a player grading and levelling system, as well as various difficulties to to add to replayability.

Today's offering will be a new "New PS4 game With PS VR support" according to the post - we'll be sure to have all the details about the title as soon as we can.

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What do you think of Tetris Effect?

Sure, virtual reality hasn't fully caught on yet.

Again, it's not the most riveting of game announcements ahead of E3; but, if you're a fan of highly stylized games with addictive puzzle-based gameplay, Tetris Effect certainly looks like it could be worth checking out - especially in 4K resolution.