Mexico Imposes Import Tariffs On US Pork, Agricultural Goods

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The veteran financial guru and former Ronald Reagan adviser also once again called trade tensions shadowing the G-7 conference beginning Friday "a family quarrel" and said Trump will meet one-on-one with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron at the summit. The White House is expecting a chilly reception from Canada and West European countries, already frustrated over Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear agreement.

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta attempted to give President Trump a history lesson Wednesday, but failed miserably after he falsely attacked the Commander-in-Chief's reference to the British invasion of the United States.

In August of 1814, the USA federal capital was indeed invaded and burned by troops based in what is now Canada.

Macron - who had formed an unlikely bond with Trump - declined to characterize his last conversation with the USA leader, but unnamed White House insiders told United States media it was "terrible".

During the Burning of Washington, on August 24, 1814, first lady Dolley Madison famously rescued a portrait of George Washington before fleeing the White House.

Officials in the Prime Minister's Office would not provide details, other than to say it took place on May 25 - the day Trudeau has said he initially proposed a face-to-face meeting with Trump to try to finalize a new North American Free Trade Agreement.

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"I think the important thought here is he may be moving quickly towards these bilateral discussions instead of as a whole", Kudlow said. In particular, Trudeau was incensed with the suggestion that Canada poses a national security threat to the US. Freeland asked on CNN's "State of the Union." Bob Corker, the official said.

After returning from the G-7 finance ministers summit in Canada, Mnuchin made the case that the US has a $2 billion steel surplus with Canada and a almost $26 billion services surplus, and should consider making an exemption for its northern neighbor, according to the sources.

He denied America's trade policies left it isolated from G7 allies, but warned that Trump would "stick to his guns" at the upcoming summit.

Greg Olear, the founding editor of The Weeklings, said Trump's comments came on the anniversary of D-Day, when Allied troops - including Americans and Canadians - invaded Normandy during World War II. The United States, Mexico and Canada agreed to NAFTA in the 1990s, and all three countries have worked to renegotiate the deal since Trump became president.

"Don't blame Trump. Blame the nations that have broken away from those conditions", he said. Trudeau announced increased funding and border vigilance "to prevent transshipment and diversion of unfairly priced foreign steel and aluminum into the North American market", according to a statement released in April. "But we see no sign of that in this action today by the USA administration".

Trudeau was ready to fly to Washington to get final details settled on NAFTA last week, but says Vice-President Mike Pence told him the USA would only agree to such a meeting if Canada accepted a sunset clause.