MacOS 10.14 Mojave Removes Facebook And Twitter System-wide Login Integration

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macOS Mojave has picked up an iOS-like screenshot feature in which a thumbnail of each shot appears before it is saved to the desktop.

The macOS Mojave beta is available for developers today, and soon for the public. But this feature looks useful, and it allows you to automatically group images, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and other file types in virtual folder-like stacks automatically or by design. Users can also customise their Stacks to sort the clutter based on file attributes such as date and tags.

Dark mode would be flawless in iOS, especially now that Apple is starting to make iPhones with OLED screens. There is also a new shortcut app which lets you make customised actions, for example, you can set Siri to order a coffee with your specific dietary preferences or to set up a particular radio station to play.

The feature is designed for situations in which you need to take a photo on the spot for something you're working with on your computer.

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In other developments, Voice Memos, Stocks, Home, News, and other popular iOS apps are also coming to macOS.

Of course, Apple users shouldn't expect the entire App Store to eventually migrate to the Mac. Apple is also using WWDC as the stage to introduce redesigned Mac App Store with a sidebar on the left and big section for editorial. New and updated apps are highlighted in the Discover tab, while tabs for Create, Work, Play, and Develop aid in locating certain apps for a specific goal. Apple's also introducing multiplayer gaming with augmented reality, so several people could be looking at the same augmented reality object from different angles. The answer was a resounding NO, but we will see four iOS apps on macOS Mojave.

Gaming in Mojave should be faster (up to 20x, Apple says) and graphics more lovely, and developers will welcome the speed improvements in machine learning models.

Developers will be able to port their iOS apps to macOS starting in 2019. Sinc right now, macOS uses AppKit and iOS uses UIKit, porting apps between the systems is not trivial. Finally, with the Voice Memos app, iOS and macOS memos will be synced via iCloud. The company has made the Mac versions of those apps practically identical to their iPad counterparts, a sign that Apple expects the best path for developers will be designing two primary interfaces - one for iPhone, another for iPad and Mac - rather than three. You can expand a stack to see what's inside or "scrub" through all of the items with your cursor without having to open them up individually.