Apple announces watchOS 5 at WWDC

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In fact, your watch has reached the end of its lifecycle in terms of software updates.

Although this wasn't mentioned at the keynote, a press release from Apple confirmed that "watchOS 5 will not be available on the original Apple Watch", leaving owners of the OG model behind.

It's not surprising, but Apple has indeed cut off support for the first generation Apple Watch (often called Series 0). Of course, very few people bought those timepieces, but it must really suck realizing that such a huge investment can get outdated in such a short timespan.

The Pride watch band and face. Especially with podcasts also supported by watchOS 5.

Continue reading to learn about the most exciting new features coming with Apple's latest software upgrade. Furthermore, watchOS 5 brings the awaited customise button arrangements in the Control Center.

Moving on to the watch faces, Lynch says that they will now show new content, including sports scores, maps, and your heart rate. WatchOS 5 will drop the need for you to vocally summon Siri, instead, as soon as your raise your device up, it'll start listening to your requests, questions and messaging apps. That's a hurdle that kept the watch from being useful for listening to audio, and Apple just made it possible.

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You'll both be competing against each other to see who can earn the most points and close the most Rings in the Activity app over a week long period.

There's a big focus on new fitness and health features. Apple will do its best to optimize the content for the small display in the background. Think of it like voice messages in iMessage...but simpler and on your wrist.

It's also worth noting the rumor of Spotify coming to the Apple Watch didn't come to fruition at WWDC 2018.

Notifications will also be more interactive - for example a notification about a Yelp restaurant reservation allows you to change the timing or number of guests straight from the watch. You can view a version of the site on the phone, while previously that was unavailable.

This is a feature you can expect to come to a variety of other third party apps, but it may take a while as it'll take some extra work from the developers. This year also does things do not seem to be very different.