Overwatch Anniversary Event Adds New Skins and Map

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Blizzard thought Overwatch's two year anniversary couldn't go undetected, so it organized an entire event to celebrate it. Starting May 22 and up until June 11, you will be able to enjoy the event across all platforms.

With the new comes the old: Cosmetics and dance emote from last year's anniversary event will also return, as will previous seasonal brawls, including those in Overwatch: Archives, which will rotate through the Arcade on a daily basis. Between May 25 and 28, you'll have an entire weekend to download the game for free, play it, and decide if it's worth purchasing or not.

Legendary Anniversary loot boxes will also be available, which guarantee one, non-duplicate item of the aforementioned class.

Blizzard also added three new arena maps that supported 3v3 elimination rounds. Players were not happy with the pricing but Jeff Kaplan, Game Director of Overwatch has mentioned that they are listening closely to players, so there might be a change this time around. During the event, players will not only be able to earn new skins, but they will also be able to grab other cosmetics from other events. It will have placement matches, skill tiers, and leaderboards, just like regular Competitive play.

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Those new cosmetic items include every character's dance emote, which will also be available once again.

▲ The new legendary Junkrat skin from the teaser for Overwatch Anniversary 2018. An extra golden loot box will be given when purchasing 50 Anniversary loot boxes.

However, Anniversary loot boxes will not only feature Anniversary items, but will actually contain a mixture of all items from past seasonal events. This version is called the Legendary Edition and will include Legendary, Epic, and Origin skins with 15 skins in total. ▲ The golden loot box has a 100% chance to give you a non-repeat legendary skin.