Fairfield mother calls child abuse accusations 'ludicrous'

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As a result of the investigation, an arrest warrant was issued for the father of the children and served by detectives on Friday, May 11 at 8:30 a.m.at the family home. Meanwhile, the children's mother, Ina Rogers, a 30-year-old Fairfield resident, has been booked on child neglect charges.

Allen was arraigned earlier today. He's being held on $5.2 million bail. The Los Angeles Times reports that officers were concerned about the safety of the children, so they conducted a search of the home. Since then, investigators say they discovered the children had been tortured for "sadistic purposes".

Police arrested a mother and a father after ten children were rescued from "horrible" living conditions in Fairfield, California according to the Fairfield Police Department. The 10 children were taken into custody by Solano County Child Welfare Services.

During the following six weeks, investigators say the children started to open up about how Allen was treating them. As the investigation continues, Henry said there's a "good chance" Rogers could face additional charges.

Police said an investigation "revealed a long and continuous history of severe physical and emotional abuse of the children".

"Not only do I have 11 children and I'm 30 years old, but I also home-school all of my children, and people don't agree with that lifestyle". All 10 children shared one bedroom, a sleeping arrangement that their mother said is what they wanted.

"But my husband is an unbelievable person". She says house is messy from police search. Messages left with the Solano County public defender's workplace weren't returned.

Rogers, who says she got pregnant at 16 and has 11 biological children, said she feels she's being judged for having so many children.

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The children did not require medical attention when they were removed from the home.

Throughout the tour, the four-bedroom home in Fairfield, 46 miles (74 kilometers) northeast of San Francisco, was messy with scuffed partitions and animal feces within the lavatory.

Court records don't indicate whether the parents have attorneys. "I was afraid I could not find him", she said.

Peggy Allen, the mom of Jonathan Allen, stated she had talked to Rogers concerning the situation of the house, saying it was vital to maintain a clear home.

Rogers said that the children are with Rogers' mother and sister.

"We're a Christian family and Jonathan has not been raised that way", she said.

"She informed me she's by no means lived alone and now that her children are gone and her husband is gone, she's only a mess", Quartman stated. One neighbor, Larry Magney, who lives across the street, said Allen and Rogers moved in about a year ago.

"She was pretty concerned, and she was like, you know, running around the neighborhood", Magney said, adding that he was "shocked" to learn that 10 children were living in the house, the Chronicle reported.