Vasiliy Lomachenko Knocks Out Jorge Linares, Wins WBA Lightweight Title

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Considering that only nine pounds separates the bookends, we are underwhelmed, However, let's enjoy "High Tech" while we can as he is a fighter for the ages. His skills and two gold medals have proven that.

Vasyl Lomachenko, the best all-around fighter since Floyd Mayweather continued his greatness on Saturday night.

Venezuelan Linares, who had vowed to suss out 'Loma's timing before committing to any power shots, was the aggressor but largely inaccurate in a tentative opener: Lomachenko, ever-fluid, kept his head in perpetual motion and out of the line of fire, rendering it hard for Linares to detonate with anything significant. We don't know if Lomachenko can land a big punch but I think it will go the distance.

Lomachenko arrived at the arena to find a personalized Knicks jersey hanging in his locker and the crowd that included new Knicks coach David Fizdale roared when clips of him warming up were shown on the arena's video screens. Linares' defended well, countering with single punches on the back foot. WBO junior lightweight victor Vasiliy Lomachenko will simply take on possibly his toughest test so far at the shape of WBA and Ring lightweight title holder Jorge Linares. "I prepared for the last few rounds, and my father [and trainer Anatoly] told me, 'You need to go to the body.' Linares is a great champion, and the fight was good for the fans and everybody". "It was a great fight", Lomachenko said.

While Vasyl Lomachenko was fighting for his third world title in just his 12th professional fight.

Jorge Linares said that the judge stopped fight earlier, he was ready to continue the fight.

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The fight was competitive at times.

Three inches taller and almost 10 pounds heavier after hydrating, Linares tried to impose his will by muscling Lomachenko when he could.

Linares landed a right hand that took the challenger completely by surprise. Lomachenko connected with a multi punch combination to the head and ended it with a liver shot that sent Linares crumbling in pain to the mat.

Lomachenko landed a short left hand inside and quickly moved out of Linares' range with just under a minute to go in the second round. The fight, took place in Madison Square Garden in front of a packed auditorium, was going the way of Linares until the brutal body blow by Lomachenko which stopped him in his tracks. Lomachenko also holds the WBO super featherweight title and will likely have to decide in the coming weeks which title he will have to vacate in favor of keeping the other one. Linares got up but the referee called the bout at 2:08 of the round.

"It just made this fight much more interesting", Lomachenko said, declining to make a big deal of it.