This Mother's Day, remember that not all experiences are the same

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It's a day to celebrate the strong women in our lives.

When you become a mother, you have to forget about yourself because you are living for you and another human being. Mother's Day was founded by Anna Jarvis who is addressed as the "Mother of Mother's Day" for her initiative.

The doodle has a mom dinosaur with her baby and handprints of a mom and her baby. What a statement to think on!

We repeat, the role of our mothers in nurturing us is perhaps the most important role there is in the world because if they didn't care, we wouldn't be here. Love means being "just" and a discipliner.

At the heart of it, Mother's Day isn't about the gift card, spa spoil or cuddly pair of jarmies, it's about the gift of motherhood and the bond shared between mom and child.

Motherhood has changed my life for the better and has taught me how to truly love someone unconditionally and how to be selfless!

Office bag: Our mothers are usually busy shopping for themselves and therefore they don't get time to buy things for her. My mom was honest to me when she told me that she never wanted or imagined to have kids in the first place (and if she did, she wanted a boy). She always had time to listen. And this Sunday morning please consider three ways in which a Christian mother should love her children. According to Exodus 2:2-9 she loved her baby so much that she defied the Egyptian king's order and kept Moses alive for 3 months. "By the way, I honestly think she would rather have me gift her a saree than speak so sentimentally about her!"

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What if today, besides giving thanks to God for the women in our lives who are mothers, which we definitely must do, we also remembered, celebrated, prayed for, and held out an open hand to those who, like Jesus' mother Mary, have been caught off guard and surprised by the unexpected responsibility of parenting at an early age. "And I know nothing makes her happier than to read my words on Mother's Day".

Yet who mothers are in relation to their children and who daughters and sons are in relation to their mother - whether beloved or resented - is not absolutely determinative for the future - for good or for ill.

The United States has been a global leader in helping to save the lives of mothers and children by providing critical humanitarian assistance.

Mother's Day is often a day we moms reflect on our children's entire lives - and for me, I nearly only remember the good times - the gummy, baby smiles, the eye locks, the cuddles, the laughs, their baptisms, the teen pranks, the hockey wins, the home runs. Rather than judge them, may we see God in these young women and in their children, too.

Every time I learn of a friend becoming a first-time parent I try to impart to them how precious every stage of childhood is. She cherished it for many years. I attempted a natural birth with my first child, but due to complications (she went into distress), I had to have an emergency C-section. Their roads are so much harder. Expressing your love to your mother, makes them more than happy.

I avoid the subject of my mother with strangers and casual acquaintances. Then they will hang around with their Naani at her beach house and maybe take her for a movie. What can one say about one's own mother? Those who open their mouths should offer to help, not criticize.

I'll spend the official Mother's Day with my other favorite people who call me Mama or Nana.