SNAP JUDGEMENT: Spain nearly banned from this weekend's Eurovision Song Contest

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Voters can participate by downloading the Eurovision app.

Ryan O'Shaughnessy, an Irish contestant, sang "Together", a song about a failed relationship, at the semi-finals Tuesday in Lisbon.

SuRie sounds flawless, looks stunning and owns the stage with a maturity that belies her years.

The Eurovision Song Contest is in its 63rd edition and is now underway in Lisbon, Portugal.

Could the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest prove lucky for Cyprus? That previous Eurovision experience is serving her and the United Kingdom very well indeed.

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Israel has made the final round for the past four years consecutively, and has won the competition three times. His Together doesn't sound impressive on first listen - a cliche-stuffed love song ("I thought we'd be together 'til we die") - but in Lisbon it soared, a real tear-jerker.

The 29-year-old is a "classically trained pianist and oboist, who studied at the Royal Academy of Music".

The singer-songwriter SuRie was the surprise victor of the Eurovision: You Decide contest, beating heavy favourite Asanda to become the UK's 2018 entry. The video consists of fragments in which numerous participants past year, including Iceland, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Belgium and other countries singing the song of El Salvador.

The 63rd Eurovision Song Contest is about to take place, for the first time in its history, in Portugal, a country that had a reputation - until a year ago - as the competition's biggest loser.