Hawaii Volcano Eruption and aftermath; dramatic visuals inside

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Kilauea volcano began erupting lava into a residential neighborhood on the Big Island on May 3.

Shortly after the fissure opened, the Geological Survey's Hawaii Volcano Observatory said seismic activity remained "elevated" at Kilauea's 1200-metre summit.

A quake last Friday was measured at magnitude 6.9, the most powerful to hit the islands since 1975.

The unique images allow scientists to track lava moment as well as the direction that sulfur dioxide is drifting as one of the world's most active volcanoes continues to change. Hotspots include either lava flows or new fissures, which show up as yellow to the ASTER.

Such blasts would likely also eject plumes of volcanic ash that could be carried farther downwind into neighboring communities, creating a nuisance and potential respiratory irritant, but not a life-threatening hazard, officials said.

She said that's why the lava has been cool and has been moving a little sluggishly. 1,700 people have been evacuated. Ige expects the estimated fix costs from the Kilauea volcano to exceed $2.9 million over the next month.

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The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island is continuing to blow off toxic steam and release lava, but scientists now say there are signs it could be about to explode in a once-in-a-century eruption. Since then, lava has destroyed at least 25 homes and covered over 117 acres.

Since May 3, Hawaii County and the State of Hawaii have spent more than £295,000 ($400,000) in emergency protective measures for the lava flow and earthquakes in the Kilauea East Rift Zone.

The Hawaii National Guard is prepared, with only 90-minutes notice, to rescue some 2,000 people by ground convoy in troop-carrying vehicles and, if necessary, in Blackhawk or Chinook helicopters.

Additional funds are needed to address the permanent damage the volcanic activity and earthquakes have caused, he added.

As a result, rockfalls from the enclosing crater walls have produced small ash clouds mixed with condensed water vapour throughout the day.