Boston Dynamics' four-legged robot can find its way around an office

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In a video shared to YouTube yesterday (May 10) by the robot maker, the uncannily human-like Atlas demonstrates running ability that is eerily reminiscent of a person.

The robotics company released this video of its insanely human-like robot named Atlas going out for some air - Boston Dynamics' own words, not ours.

Yes, you can say that about most displays of Boston Dynamics robots, but this one even more so.

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The robot is able to move around on rough terrain and jump over objects using stereo vision, range sensing and other sensors.

Atlas has come a long way from the robot that slowly trudged through a snow back in 2016. Spotmini now comes with autonomous navigation mode which means the robot can now walk on its own in a specified area, without requiring manual driving. This clip of the SpotMini robot running around the office showcases just how well this quadruped robot can navigate even the trickiest of scenarios.

The SpotMini robot is much smaller than Atlas, weighing in at a mere 25kg, and can pick up and handle items using a metal arm and built-in sensors.