1 dead, dozens hurt by Israeli fire in Gaza border protest

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The Gaza Health Ministry says one Palestinian was killed and 49 were wounded by Israeli army fire in protests on the Gaza-Israel border.

Israeli troops, mainly snipers, have killed over 40 Palestinians during the protest, which ends on May 15, the day Palestinians call "Nakba" (Catastrophe), marking the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the conflict surrounding the creation of Israel in 1948.

President Donald Trump's decision to relocate the us embassy, which followed his recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, caused controversy when first announced.

Israel's military said some 15,000 Palestinians took part in Friday's protest.

The ambassador said staff at the Tel Aviv mission had just marked its last day as an embassy and some of them would turn up for work on Monday at the Jerusalem embassy, which would host an opening ceremony later that day. A United States official promised that a large Congressional delegation would attend the ceremony and stressed that Israel should not have to pay for the U.S. decision regarding the move. Similar crude devices launched by Palestinians have caused dozens of fires and significant damage to crops on the Israeli side of the border over recent weeks.

"The rioters are violent, burning tires and hurling rocks at the security fence and at IDF soldiers and launching kites with burning items attached to them with the intention of igniting fires in Israeli territory. I want to go back to Jaffa", he said.

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Israel says it will prevent any border breach.

Israel has said it will defend its border.

The only window that could resurrect USA mediation, he said, is if Mr Trump "comes out and say something along the line of Bill Clinton parameters. that east Jerusalem will be sovereign and a capital for Palestinians".

Separately, the border with Egypt, the only country apart from Israel with which Gaza shares a border, is set to open its crossing for four days starting on Saturday, the Palestinian embassy in Cairo said.

One Palestinian was shot dead and at least 170 Palestinians were wounded in the clashes on Friday, Palestinian sources reported.