Police investigating disappearance of Iron Man suit

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The crimson and gold costume was used in the original 2008 Iron Man film which starred Robert Downey Jr. It is estimated to be worth $325,000.

Speaking on filming the movie in a previous interview, Downey Jr said: 'I genuinely had a blast. According to LA Times, LAPD is now investigating the mysterious case of the missing suit.

According to CBS News, the owners of the storage facility checked the space Tuesday and called police when they didn't find it.

Iron Man revitalised the careers of Robert Downey Jr, who played billionaire playboy-turned-superhero Tony Stark in the film.

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No different gadgets have been reported lacking from the warehouse.

The Iron Man suit has gone through a few iterations over the years. LAPD spokesperson Rosario Herrera told The Hollywood Reporter that the LAPD is now investigating the theft, in which a number of other items have also been stolen.

The first "Iron Man" movie came out May 2, 2008, so it just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The film was a huge success at the BO also because it was the first installment of the multi-billion dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe. The recent suit seen in Avengers: Infinity War is nothing like the original one in terms of functionality and features.