Central Intelligence Agency director nominee's confirmation uncertain

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Trump wrote: 'Gina Haspel did a spectacular job today. Meghan McCain has not yet commented on it, but The Daily Caller reported she will address it on "The View" on Friday.

She has also emphatically stated: 'I don't believe that torture works'.

Haspel said US law now clearly prohibits such interrogation methods, and 'I fully support the detainee treatment required by law'.

McCain said he remained unsatisfied with Haspel's responses. But it was her boss, Jose Rodriguez, former director of the National Clandestine Service, who gave the actual order.

Sadler's comments on McCain came after he said that Haspel's role in torture made her unfit to lead the Central Intelligence Agency. "She is tough, experienced and backed by former Obama intelligence officials". That issue is one of several that have made Haspel's journey toward Senate confirmation an uphill battle.

Haspel is facing opposition from some Democrats and many rights groups who are critical of her activities related to the shredding of interrogation videotapes in 2005 and her stint at a covert detention site in Thailand where two detainees were waterboarded, which simulates drowning. Using her vast experience and knowledge, she took the steps to confront terrorists and protect the lives of countless Americans.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), McCain's best friend in Congress, said, "Ms. Sadler, may I remind you that John McCain has a lot of friends in the United States Senate on both sides of the aisle". The Senate should confirm her. True patriot. Dedicated American. She says she didn't leave for three years.

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Instead, she offered obfuscation about the governing authority of the Army Field Manuals, and broad assurances that "my moral compass is strong". "Proud to support the first female DCIA". But support is not certain, which means she would need at least one Democratic vote to be confirmed by the Senate. Mr. Chairman, Gina is a proven leader who knows the agency and the threats we face.

Bayh says that for 33 years Haspel has worked to defend America from those who would harm it. She asked whether Haspel would agree with that statement.

Commentary Senior Writer Sohrab Ahmari: "Wow [Gina] Haspel rocked that hearing".

Being in the public spotlight is new for Haspel.

She would also be the first Bluegrass State native to lead the intelligence department since it was established in 1947. "She is speaking steadily and deliberately in her open statement". A nomination hearing is not the place to establish the truth about the nominee's alleged role in crimes under global law.

Washington Free Beacon Editor Matthew Continetti: "Gina Haspel was fantastic in open session. Serious, composed, disciplined, experienced".