Google I/O 2018: Maps goes beyond navigation, becomes about exploration

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Google has announced a revamped version of Maps that utilizes a complex visual positioning system to offer improved navigation. With Google Maps, you won't miss a thing.

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Next up is Group Planning which we think is self-explanatory. Once finalised, Google Maps already has functionality to let you make a reservation as well as book a cab ride to the venue. This system uses Google Lens and Street View in concert to deliver an unprecedented navigation experience. On checking out a particular area, it will tell you dining, event, and activity options in that same area.

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Google Maps learns about these preferences based on the way you've rated this along with other areas and your tastes, which you may really set manually from the Google Maps settings after this upgrade goes live.

There will also be trending lists so that users can see which are the popular places to eat at the moment. That means you don't get lost as much when you are walking around a unusual city or a part of your hometown you aren't familiar with. But at Google I/O, the company gave us a sneak peek at what is to come from Google Maps, and no matter how nonexistent your sense of direction might be, Google can help. For example, you can know about the coolest café in the neighbourhood or a new restaurant that has opened up in the For You tab. Your group can then vote on the restaurant they wish to visit and even reserve a table for the final place using Maps. The features include AR mode of viewing the streets as a means of helping you to follow directions in real time and a personalized "For You" section that recommends places in your neighborhood based on your interest. Just long-press on a place you're interested in visiting with your friends in order to add it to a shareable shortlist. This was revealed by Google on a demo video which is not clear if it was technically built or if the feature will be coming soon on our devices in the nearest future.