Google bring more AI to Gmail with Smart Compose

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AI-powered suggestions are also coming to Gmail.

One of the major announcements this year was Digital Wellbeing, an initiative to tackle tech addiction among consumers. These are clickable auto-generated responses created by AI based on a number of factors - the context of the email and the typing habits of the user are taken into consideration, for example, helping individuals respond more quickly to emails, especially ones where a simple "Thank you!" or "Noted" will do.

You now have access to experimental features. Hence, Google now lets you choose from six different voices for Google Assistant.

Both features are notable changes to the way we use email.

Still, the feature is fun to use and reflects Google's broader ambitions of injecting AI into its products to make everyday tasks more efficient.

Google expects to add these new features to Photos in the next few months.

At Google I/O 2018, chief executive Sundar Pichai showed off the new feature called Smart Compose for Gmail that allows it to figure out what people are going to write and then completes the sentences for those too bone idle to do so themselves.

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Smart Compose is Google's latest addition to its popular mailing client - Gmail - announced on Tuesday at Google I/O 2018. It will be particularly handy for entering address line within your mail and salutations.

Later this summer, Google Assistant will be coming to Google Maps.

Artificial intelligence will help you compose messages on Gmail. With Lens, users can directly point at objects and landmark for visual identification and even copy text from that option. That feature offers three quick replies to an email based on its content, so if someone asks if you want to meet somewhere, it might suggest "yes", "no", and "maybe".

AI is everywhere, but its first real impact was seen within Google Photos app a year ago. One of the most crucial components of AI is its ability to learn along the way, but it needs someone and something to learn from.

Smart Displays, Google's competitor to the Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Show, will launch in July.

Google and Samsung have increasingly become competitors as Samsung launches services that duplicate what Google already offers on Android. It can also minimize spelling and grammar errors.