Google Assistant to get six new voices

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All you have to say is when, where and what and Google Assistant will do the rest.

The Assistant is now also able to have a back-and-forth conversation without users having to repeat the "Hey, Google" wake phrase before each command, and will also be able to make multiple requests at once for the first time.

The tech giant is looking to bundle its voice assistant into every device and app and is bringing Google Assistant in Google Maps.

Besides using AI to solve real world problems and improve health care, Pichai and his team made sure to remind the 7,000 plus audience that AI is everywhere it can possibly be in Google's product portfolio, from its voice-based digital Assistant to the new smart compose feature in Gmail to Google Photos and even Android P, the next release of Android. "If you're playing a game on the PlayStation, you just ask the assistant, and the Assistant can show you the answer cards over the screen".

It was nearly impossible to tell the Google Assistant from the human salon worker, demonstrating just how blurred the lines between human and AI have become.

Google Assistant is rolling out in more countries this year including the UK, France, Korea, Japan, and Canada.

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Elcomsoft tested the new feature and found that after a week of no unlocking, "the Lightning port is only good for charging". This basically locks the device in a way that it can not be restored or updated via iTunes after the threshold period is met.

Google said it will roll out the technology, called Duplex, as an experiment in coming weeks. Moreover, It will be available in more than 30 languages and 80 countries by the end of the year.

The battery will use machine learning to adapt to how you use apps in order to conserve energy.

Nevertheless, AI will reportedly help improve the battery performance in Android P. Now you can use your Android phone or tablet as a way to quickly login and setup your Android TV device.

However, there's been no further word on that, but what we have got represents nearly everything else you could possibly want as a programmer - it makes Chrome OS a much stronger coding platform altogether. In fact, Google requires would-be users to fill out a lengthy form explaining what they want the ADT-2 for, and what they'll do with it.

Then you, my friend, are addicted to your phone. App screens now sit side by side, and swiping down or up on one will close it. And if you turn your phone over on the table, it automatically enters Do Not Disturb so you can focus on being present.

Maps will also be getting a new tab called "For You" that will be the home for recommendations the app the tailored just for you.