UK's Prince William and Kate register new son Louis's birth

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The son of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William is called Louis Arthur Charles.

Some notable things about the birth certificate include the newborn Prince's full name: His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge.

More immediately, I think it's unlikely that we will see Prince Louis at the wedding of his uncle, Prince Harry next month, although it's just possible he might be brought out onto the balcony after this year's Trooping the Colour celebrating the Queen's official birthday in June. "Louis" can be interpreted as "renowned warrior" or "famous warrior", following French and English interpretations of the German name Ludwig.

The French embassy to London tweeted, "We're delighted that you've been given such a lovely French name!"Louis is now only the 71st most popular name for a baby boy in England and Wales".

And the little prince's namesake, Louis Tomlinson, was clearly impressed, taking to Twitter to joke: "Young Louis welcome to the world".

"He was named after a legend", said another.

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Both William and his father, Prince Charles, share Arthur among their middle names.

The prince, who is fifth in line to the British throne, was born at 1001 GMT on April 23 weighing 8 lbs 7oz.

The couple stepped out of St Mary's Hospital in central London to cheers from a crowd of supporters and global media outlets gathered outside.

While the royals are said to have given their third child the name in honour of Prince William's late relative Lord Louis Mountbatten, 1D fans are now convinced they must be secret fans of the pop group. He was assassinated by Irish republicans when his boat was blown up on a fishing trip off the coast of County Sligo in the Republic of Ireland.

William, along with Louis' older brother, Prince George, share the middle name Louis, which is believed to be a tribute to Louis Mountbatten.

Walking unaided, she glanced towards the growing crowd and smiled before she was driven, a blanket on her knees, in her official Range Rover the short distance to William and Kate's apartment.