Amazon's home robot sounds like a Roomba with Alexa

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The Vesta project is in the hands of Amazon's Lab126, which developed the company's Echo and Fire TV products.

Now Amazon is working on another big bet: robots for the home. Amazon apparently hopes to begin testing the robots by the end of this year, and is targeting a 2019 launch date.

Earlier this year, Amazon posted several new job openings for the project, signaling their increased production and faith in the Vesta project. The Lab 126 Jobs page now has numerous listings for software engineers who specialize in robotics and principle sensors engineers. The project, dubbed "Vesta", is now under way at Amazon's hardware research facility Lab126.

This new report comes from Bloomberg, which spoke to unnamed sources that are familiar with Amazon's plans.

It's unclear what the robot could look like, but Bloomberg reported it could be a sort of mobile Alexa, and that prototypes are being built with advanced cameras and computer software.

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No one has made a successful "general purpose" home robot, but there have been attempts going back years. If you are not aware about Amazon Alexa voice assistant there are many voice commands available with which you can make the most of Amazon Alexa Voice assistant.

Project Vesta is reportedly separate from that division.

An Amazon press robot described the report as pure speculation.

The application outlines some of the technology Amazon hopes to pack into the boxy bots, including lights, imaging and proximity sensors and Global Positioning System.

The Vesta robot is believed to be a mobile robot that's powered by Alexa. In January at CES, LG showed off a robot called Cloi in a demonstration that failed multiple times. However, there is no guarantee that the project will make it past early trial phases. Alexa responds to spoken commands and questions. It even has artificial intelligence that enables it to build up a character through its different interactions with people.