United Nations in security talks with Syria after chemical probe put on hold

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The Pentagon said on Thursday that while there were no signs the Syrian government was preparing to launch a chemical weapons attack, President Bashar al-Assad still retained the ability to launch limited attacks.

Mr Lavrov said the Trump administration has not followed up on the offer and Russian Federation has urged the U.S. to discuss specifics about such a meeting.

Discussing the attacks on Syria, Russia's Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov insisted the Kremlin was very much in the loop and helped set the perimeters.

"Mission Accomplished", Trump tweeted last Saturday in the aftermath of the USA and allied bombardment, vowing to repeat the attack if Syria dares to use chemical weapons again.

OPCW inspectors arrived in Syria on April 14 to collect samples to either confirm or dismiss reports on the chemical attack.

And an inspection by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was put on hold after the team came under fire.

However, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Thursday that "Syrian government troops, in freeing the territory of Eastern Ghouta, found containers with chlorine, the most bad kind of chemical weapon, from Germany".

A Russian army commander has also said that Moscow would consider supplying S-300 missile systems to Syria following US -led strikes. Russian Federation and its ally deny that.

It was the first meeting between Bolton, who started at the White House this month, and Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, the administration said in a statement.

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The US, Britain and other Western allies responded by expelling over 150 Russian diplomats, and Moscow, which has fervently denied the British accusations, responded in kind. Earlier, various official Russian agencies repeatedly warned that preparations had been underway in different parts of Syria for provocations and simulations of chemical attacks that would be blamed on government forces. "That is what I am told".

"Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria", he tweeted.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said there was no indication the Assad regime was preparing to launch another chemical weapons attack.

"However as they contemplate the dynamics of conducting those attacks, they have to look over their shoulder and be anxious that we are looking at them, and we will have the ability to strike them again should it be necessary".

But the single volley of air strikes, hitting three targets far from any frontline, had no effect on the wider war which has killed 500,000 people and made more than half of Syrians homeless.

"They keep telling us that [a poison gas attack] happened but they don't offer any proof", Shelton said.

The three-star general added the Syrian regime had now returned to a "state of normalcy".

"Two cruise missiles that did not detonate during the United States missile strike on Syria overnight to April 14 were found by the Syrian military".

"With the political and diplomatic actions that we're taking now, we wanted their friends Iran and Russian Federation to know that we meant business and that they were going to be feeling the pain from this as well", she said.