Local runners represent Grand Forks at Boston marathon

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Given that this was her sixth attempt to win the Boston Marathon, Flanagan says she's considering whether this might be her last race as an elite runner.

"There was a ton of American pride on the line so it was just keeping our best people in the front", she added of why she helped Flanagan during the race.

Linden and her husband, Ryan Linden, met in the Hanson-Brooks elite development running group that Desiree joined when she moved to MI as a recent college grad in 2005. Past year in 2017, he competed in 12 marathons and finished first five times. She has been running most of her life, did her first Boston in 2012 and earned bib number 30 for Monday's race.

This year, despite the brutal conditions of wind and rain, the marathon still went on with emotions running high. We will now finish Mary's journey to the finish line together. By October, Linden began running again every day, logging about 90 to 95 miles a week, including "short, fast workouts, she hadn't done in years", according to Runner's World.

When Thomas checked herself into the medical tent at mile 20, her body temperature had dropped below 90 degrees, she said.

"I think I grabbed her shoulder and was like, 'Are you OK?' And she was like, 'Nah, I just don't feel good, '" Flanagan said.

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Instead of dropping out of the elite marathon, Linden, of MI, easily won the race in 2 hours, 39 minutes and 54 seconds, according to the Boston Athletic Association. Later, she helped Molly Huddle reconnect with the group. It marked her first major marathon victory.

Each of the four winners stated they would have liked to have finished quicker and would not have expected to have a chance at winning had they known they would finish with the times they did.

So you can imagine their absolute shock at a competitor named Sarah Sellers who managed to come second, despite yesterday's event being only the second marathon she's ever done. Linden clocked in with an unofficial 2:39:53 and made history as the first American woman to win since 1985.

McFadden said she wore two jackets, with plastic bags between layers to stay dry, and hand warmers against her chest.

"It was just tough, it was so freezing", Hug said through chattering teeth as a volunteer draped a second towel around his shoulders. "I was trying to ask officials what place I was in".