United Nations chief says Mideast 'chaos' threatens global peace

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Further actions violating the United Nations charter such as the recent USA -led strikes on Syria will result in chaos in worldwide relations, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Iranian counterpart Hassan Ruhani over phone on Sunday.

US President Donald Trump threatened strikes on Syria after a suspected gas attack on a rebel-held town which a Syrian medical relief group said killed at least 60 people, and a Russian envoy voiced fears of a wider conflict between Washington and Moscow.

A number of NGOs, including the White Helmets, stated that chemical weapons were used in the Eastern Ghouta area on April 7.

Despite allegations that it carried out yet another deadly chemical-weapons attack last Saturday, Syria will next month chair the United Nations disarmament forum that produced the treaty banning chemical weapons.

On Thursday, unnamed USA officials said they had blood and urine samples from victims which had tested positive for chlorine and a nerve agent, according to NBC News.

Global chemical weapons experts were travelling to Syria to investigate an alleged gas attack by government forces on Douma which killed dozens of people.

The document aims to find common ground in support of an investigation of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Guterres had termed the use of chemical weapons as "abhorrent", saying the suffering it causes is 'horrendous'.

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Guterres urged the Security Council, which failed to adopt a resolution on Tuesday on a new investigative mechanism for chemical weapons use in Syria, not to give up on its efforts to agree upon a "dedicated, impartial, objective and independent mechanism" for attributing responsibility.

But Guterres said Syria today is the most serious, and "there is no military solution to the conflict".

Mr Trump, who has cancelled a planned trip overseas, has been canvassing support for strikes from the leaders of France and the UK. "So the situation is very unsafe", Nebenzya said.

Erdogan says: "What we insisted on tenaciously was the fact that is not right for tensions to heat up; we made requests concerning the restitution of peace and the end of the tragedy that is going on".

Mattis added that he also is concerned about "how do we keep this from escalating out of control".

The remarks of United Nations chief came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday finally broke his silence on the horrific Unnao and Kathua rape incidents and said that such incidents are "shameful and can not be part of a civilised society".

"I also stressed the need to avoid putting the situation out of control", said Antonio Guterres.

"We can not depend on the mood of someone on the other side of the ocean when he wakes up", the Tass news agency quoted him as saying.