Kylie Jenner Goes 'Mean Girls' for Coachella Weekend

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Cuuute? To add insult to injury, Ky slipped the half hearted post in between selfies of her and bestie Jordan driving, none of which mentioned her sister's big news. Some members of the Kardashian family are now in crisis mode, thanks to allegations that National Basketball Association star Tristan Thompson cheated on pregnant Khloe Kardashian with multiple women. A second 'gram revealed that Kylie was also sporting her cotton candy cream Kylighter, which has given her cheekbones a shimmering glow.

Kylie Jenner has posted so many sexy pics recently on her Instagram!

To finish the look, Jenner added Acne Dinila Track Sole Ankle Boots (think of them as the flawless blend between a sneaker and workman boots) adding a chic and practical touch to her already next-level look.

While we're still adjusting our eyes to Kylie's *uh-hem* interesting look, the star's 106million followers couldn't get enough of the shot and it received more than 7 million likes in a few hours. However, with Jenner being filthy rich, her suburban stroll took place in an ultra-luxurious gated Californian community, donning an outfit that surely defies traditional maternal wear.

Kylie Jenner Goes 'Mean Girls' for Coachella Weekend
Kylie Jenner Goes 'Mean Girls' for Coachella Weekend

"Big body benz, please don't crashhh", she captioned the image.

Kourtney and Kim flew back to Los Angeles on Thursday.

There's no word on whether Kylie Jenner will be a member of the group of Khloe's friends and family members that will be present for her baby's arrival. She kept her pregnancy a secret until the birth occurred.

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