Mark Zuckerberg: Regulation of social media companies is 'inevitable'

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Facebook may be under scrutiny from privacy regulators, and its CEO in the hot seat in front of Congress, but the social network doesn't expect any of this outrage to affect its bottom line.

It's thought this would allow people to use the popular service without seeing adverts or worrying who might be gaining access to their personal data. If somebody takes digital information, under the Criminal Code it's not theft ... Senators and representatives know that Facebook directly affects a huge proportion of their constituents who were shocked - SHOCKED - by the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

A shadowy political consulting firm's backdoor grab of as many as 87 million personal profiles from Facebook gave House and Senate committees all the reason they needed to haul founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in for two days of grilling this week.

Later on, Rep. Barton read Zuckerberg a letter from a constituent voicing concern over Facebook's treatment of the conservative women and asked the tech giant for his response.

Those included claims that Facebook lets you download your data and take it elsewhere; that users can turn off data collection for advertising purposes; and that Facebook tracks users even when they're not on Facebook itself, but only for "security purposes". With tighter European regulation around privacy fast approaching, Facebook has been on the messaging warpath about its new data protection tools.

"Mr. Zuckerberg", he said, "I remember well your first visit to Capitol Hill back in 2010".

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"It is inevitable that there will need to be some regulation" of internet firms, Zuckerberg said, but he avoided any specifics.

So for those who would be willing to pay for Facebook, how much would they be willing to pay?

Facebook is addressing the debate about why and how Messenger and Messenger Lite apps had access to the call and message logs of Android phone users. The sudden drop in Facebook's stock has made me angry! "There was a movie about this - or it said it was about this - it was of unclear truth". Eight years later, a more grown-up Zuckerberg updated his stance to Congress, saying "There will always be a version of Facebook that is free".

"It certainly doesn't feel like that to me", Zuckerberg responded, eliciting a few snickers from the audience.

How long Facebook keeps your data in its system after you have deleted your Facebook account. Zuckerberg was seemingly prepared for questions on a range of issues from Cambridge Analytica to Facebook's default-privacy settings. "In Canada, at least, the creation of that list and the targeting of that list is not regulated under Canadian elections law or Canadian privacy law and I think that is a shortcoming".

"Every single thing you do on Facebook - everything you click, every page you like, every person you interact with - becomes part of how the platform understands you", Samuel said, adding it is used to profile you and target advertisements in manipulative ways.