VirnetX +28.1% on Apple patent victory

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In 2012, Apple lost a $368.2 million lawsuit from VirnetX, though that verdict was later thrown out, paving the way for retrials and additional disputes.

As Ars has previously reported, VirnetX had won three separate jury trials against Apple, all in the Eastern District of Texas, a longtime hotspot for patent-holding companies seeking to sue tech companies.

Apple has been found guilty of infringing four different VirnetX patents in the iMessage, FaceTime, and VPN solutions it offers on iPhones and iPads. While there will nearly certainly be jubilation at the ruling, Apple has a history of appealing.

Apple has been dealt what may be a short-lived blow in a long-fought battle with VirnetX.

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"The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has said the patents are invalid, in cases that are now before the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, "Bloomberg reported".

"The evidence was clear", Larsen noted.

The battle between VirnetX and Apple has been ongoing for years. There have been multiple trials, most recently one involving earlier versions of the Apple devices. It wasn't until last October that the court made a decision, awarding VirnetX with $439.7 million in damages. It has been determined that 400 million Apple devices that infringe the troll's patents have been sold.

VirnetX, who has neither created nor marketed a single tangible product, is now in the process of appealing the aforementioned PTAB ruling, implying that though they were previously invalidated, the firm's patents still remain valid in the eyes of the court until further notice.