Malcolm Turnbull Is About To Have A Very Bad Day

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MEMBER for Flynn Ken O'Dowd reaffirmed his support for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after the 30th negative Newspoll was revealed yesterday.

And just as readily forecast, nothing will happen to his leadership as a effect.

"Mr Turnbull obsesses about polls, as do the National and Liberal parties".

The former prime minister said he'd done some serious "soul searching" after being dumped for Malcolm Turnbull in 2015, and had come to the conclusion his public life wasn't over.

It was a throwaway line he later regretted and matching the Abbott loss record will be embarrassing for the Prime Minister.

However, despite speculation about possible leadership contenders such as Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop or even Mr Abbott, there is no clear alternative to Mr Turnbull.

Malcolm Turnbull has lost his 30ht consecutive Newspoll, the benchmark he used to topple Tony Abbott.

The Coalition led Labor on the primary vote by one point, 38 per cent to 37 per cent, with the government gaining a point and Labor's primary vote falling by two percentage points.

He said Mr Turnbull needed to inspire and lead but the party's MPs also had an obligation to work together. "I never did. I don't think that others should", Abbott told reporters in Victoria state. "There's 149 people in federal parliament - I'm one".

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Mr Abbott said the best way to be a good government was to have clear policies, a united team and to be distinct from your opponents.

"It's not unusual for incumbent governments in between elections being behind in the polls, I mean we're not actually that far behind, truth be told", he told ABC radio.

Bill Shorten, who is in Western Australia with the shadow infrastructure minister, Anthony Albanese, agreed Australians did not want to be talking about polls.

"We have lost 30 Newspolls in a row. None of us should live in the past or dwell on things".

Mr Turnbull has also suffered from persistent criticisms by his long-time political foe, Mr Abbott, who remains an MP. The government has only been in front in nine of the 60 Newspolls since Mr Turnbull took the leadership in September 2015.

She said that under the Turnbull government, billions of dollars have been cut from schools, universities, vocational education and hospitals while 100,000 pensioners have lost or are having their pension reduced.

He said the government should put "pensioners before Paris", referring to the global climate change agreement Australia has signed, and said energy policy should not be restrained by "meaningless" carbon emission targets.

"These are the issues that concern people, Newspoll is just a symptom of that", Ms Plibersek told Sky News.

"I regret making those remarks at the time, making the remarks about 30 Newspolls at the time".