PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Paige Officially Announces WWE Retirement, Superstars React

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The Norfolk-born wrestler does have something to look forward to though - despite being forced to retire from the industry she says was her life. Apart from that several WWE NXT superstars made their debut on the WWE and they will be now part of WWE RAW. The fans sitting at the arena chanted, 'Thank you Paige!' as a mark of respect for the former two-time Divas champion.

Rumors have been rampant about Paige over the last two weeks. This wasn't the first time Paige and Banks had performed this spot, but something went wrong this time. The early belief was it was just a mild stinger, leading to her losing feeling in her extremities.

It seemed as though she wasn't expecting the attack and instantly fell to the ground clutching her right arm.

Reportedly, WWE and outside doctors have stated that it is unsafe for Paige to wrestle going forward.

As a result, Paige missed the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match in January. She will continue to manage Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville as the leader of Absolution. During an emotional speech, she announced that she was officially retiring from competing due to injury. Naturally, Ringside Intel will keep you posted on the situation as it progresses.

You thought Wrestlemania was the end of the bad blood between Stephanie McMahon and Ronda Rousey? She has been in the ring from the young age of thirteen.

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The lack of verbal communication only made the tension build with any little sound - both in the movie and in the theater. Besides the fact that the theater was completely silent, I was nearly anxious for my own safety if I made a sound.

It's possible that Lashley's deal with WWE came with similar language that would allow him to take a fight in Bellator MMA while still participating in professional wrestling.

Paige also never apologized for who she was and never changed herself for anyone. "I'm really excited to see what the future holds".

Remembering one particular rough encounter after the tape was leaked, she added: "I was out yesterday with my friend".

A clip from the movie, was released on Saturday (April 7) and features Florence Pugh as Paige and Jack Lowden as her brother Zak, backstage at WWE try outs.

I'm glad that WWE finally acknowledged her medical condition and gave the opportunity to give a farewell address.

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