MI health officials issue warning over deadly rat poison in synthetic marijuana

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Brodifacoum was first introduced in 1975, and that the powder is meant to target rodents that had become resistant to other pesticides. Symptoms include bleeding internally, from your eyes ears and in some cases people have had blood in their urine.

IL authorities said Friday they are looking at possibly a third death in the last few weeks linked to synthetic marijuana.

It has been identified as the cause of 70 cases of uncontrolled bleeding reported between March 7 and April 2 in IL, where it's being investigated by that state's Department of Public Health.

Synthetic marijuana is extremely lucrative for retailers, who sell it illegally, said Cara Smith, chief policy officer with the Cook County sheriff's office.

Although a cause of death has not yet been determined, an autopsy detected the presence of brodifacoum, a deadly anticoagulant used in rat poison, which has recently been found in several cases of synthetic marijuana use in IL.

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Synthetic weed, often sold as K2 or Spice, is being blamed for a recent unusual outbreak of uncontrollable bleeding in five states. It can cause severe, even fatal, bleeding.

"This poisoning is unique in that its effects can last weeks to months", said Dr. Jenny Lu, a toxicologist and emergency medicine physician at Chicago's Stroger Hospital.

Dr. Wells says they haven't seen any cases in MI yet. It is hard to know what's in them or what your reaction to them will be, health officials warned.

While there have been no reported cases of complications from using synthetic cannabis, Lake County Health Department Executive Director Mark Pfister said in the statement that local officials are monitoring the situation. It is a human-made chemical that is sprayed on dried plant materials and meant to be smoked or vaped. Other interventions may be necessary depending on the severity of the poisoning.

Some people who are required to endure routine drug testing usage synthetic marijuana to find high because its components in many cases are hard to detect on evaluations. If they do, they should seek immediate medical treatment.