Midale mom outspoken advocate for autism awareness and support

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Guildford is celebrating World Autism Day today (April 2) by lighting up some of the town's key landmarks in blue. They stand up and sometimes run around; we try to calm them - mostly by talking to them.

Some features of autism may not become noticeable until a change of situation, but the way to find out if you or your child have it if though an extensive test.

Rajib Ahsan Munna, whose autistic son Anuj Aroni Golpo attends a special school, complained that most of the teachers in these schools lack proper training.

With this long list, it's clear Jacob likes to be involved, which has also helped him gain a good circle of friends.

Dr Nahed Alateeqi, senior attending physician at the Department of Developmental Paediatrics at Sidra Medicine said: "It is important to try to balance nurturing the talents of children with ASD in everyday routines and activities and not to think of them as interfering with the child's progress in other areas". Shows extreme anxiety when they daily routine disrupted. Our schools do not have psychologists because we can not afford them.

Autism is a social communication disorder which varies from person to person.

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"We have begun to focus on providing educational materials and an early detection program for this condition since 2012, through the examination of the child at 18 months and 30 months among the services provided at "Healthy Child" clinics at health centres".

It is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Some cases can be apparent as early as the child's first few months, but others can also begin to suffer from the disorder only after they have reached two years of age.

Amanda added: "We hope that by tying in the donation of "Akea" with Autism Aware- ness Week, we can share not just Elizabeth's own achievement as an author with Aspergers, but the efforts made by the libraries of Som- erset and the NAS to support those living with autism".

"There's always the times that I got to stand out, too!"

Researchers from China performed a small study to investigate this topologic architecture, comparing 21 pre-school children with ASD with 21 children who have typical development (TD). Intervention includes behavioural models, occupational therapy (to help with activities like dressing, eating and bathing and to improve fine motor, social, and problem-solving skills), sensory integration therapy (to help respond appropriately to sensory information like sights, sounds, touch and smells) and speech therapy (to help improve the child's communication skills).