United Airlines mistakenly flies dog to Japan instead of Kansas City

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They soon learned that the airline had mixed up the two dogs and mistakenly flew Irgo to Japan, the Great Dane's intended destination.

According to Swindle, it took several hours for United to figure out where Irgo was. A dog in a separate flight died while being stored in an overhead bin.

After flying from Portland to Kansas City on Tuesday, Swindle went to the cargo facility to pick up her family's dog, Irgo.

On Wednesday, United unexpectedly shipped a Kansas-bound dog all the way across the world to Japan, CNN reported.

KAKE reports that the dog was accidently put on the wrong connecting flight in Denver. "This dog is our baby", Swindle said.

"It feels absolutely incredible to have him back!" owner Kara Swindle told the outlet.

Irgo is reunited with his family on Thursday night.

. "And it has already been a whirlwind of an adventure for moving so I instantly burst into tears just wondering where my dog was".

She said Irgo is set to be flown from Narita, Japan, to Wichita on Thursday on a private charter.

The German Shepard reportedly landed safely in east Asia but it was originally feared that Irgo might be put in quarantine there for as much as two weeks before he can be sent back.

'He's never gonna want to fly regular again!' she joked.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the airline said, "United says it has been in contact with the customer and is looking into how this happened".

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"I don't know if he's going to be able to sustain this flight, because he is a 10-year-old dog, and he's never been on a flight before", the mother said.

She has been assured that the other dog was returned safely to Naruto though it is not clear if that animal was flown in the lap of luxury too. The mixup was the second controversy this week for United Airlines.

United issued an apology for the incident.

Earlier this week the airline was also criticised as a puppy died during a flight from Houston to NY, after a flight attendant told the owner to pace its carrier in an overhead locker.

"It feels absolutely fantastic to have him back".

At first United insisted that the air stewardess had not been told there was a dog inside the bag.

When asked if she would pursue a lawsuit against the airline, she said, "Most likely yes".

Kokito barked for two hours then went quiet, according to his owner.

His death is being investigated by the animal cruelty division of the Harris County District Attorney.

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