Fitbit Hopes for 'Mass Appeal' with New $199 USD Versa Smartwatch

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All women who already use the Fitbit app will have access to these new health-tracking features, so you don't need to buy a Versa.

The Versa goes in a completely different direction, dropping the sharp edges and corners in favor of a product that appears to flow around the wrist nicely. How closely do you think it matches the Apple Watch? This thing is essentially a squircle with a square watch display and a super thin body.

There will be new introductions to Fitbit OS with the launch of the Versa, however.

The main attraction is, of course, the Fitbit Versa. I relived some elementary school gym class trauma with a session of dodgeball and Presidential Fitness Test-style strength training.

Arguably, the Versa's most interesting capability is what Fitbit calls female health tracking. Like the Ionic, it's platform agnostic.

As you would expect from Fitbit, you get all the activity and sleep tracking features you could want here, including heart rate monitoring and swim tracking (so naturally the watch is waterproof to allow that). It's also safe for swimming. Fitbit has not had a period tracker before this update.

From Left to Right: FitBit Versa, FitBit Ace, FitBit Ionic: adidas Edition.

The $199.95 Versa is made of aluminum and comes in five distinct finishes including black, rose gold, and silver. There's also a special-edition Versa model priced at $229.95, which includes NFC and Fitbit Pay capabilities in the USA and comes with an exclusive style, featuring woven bands in either lavender or charcoal coloration with either a rose gold aluminum or graphite aluminum case. Accessories, including leather and stainless steel straps, will range in price from $29.95 to $99.95. It's priced at $199.95 and is available in black, gray or peach. The woven bands are exclusive to the Special Edition.

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Fitbit is also rolling out a new device just for children, the $100 Fitbit Ace, which is created to encourage kids 8 and older to stay active.

In terms of design, the Ace borrows heavily from the Fitbit Alta and Alta HR, with a few tweaks. It features up to 5 days of battery life, 10 unique clock faces, and two fun interchangeable bands in electric blue and power purple. However, Fitbit is another major player in the wearable arena and has been helping people track their steps long before Apple gave their take on the technology. The guideline is 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Fitbit With its new smartwatch, Fitbit is keeping women in mind.

Parents will be able to view and manage their child's tracker.

The release also referenced a study conducted by Fitbit, which concluded that "most parents agree and believe their children are less active than when they were children".

Another Fitbit mainstay, move reminders, are also available on Ace. This cluster of functions allows users to record menstrual cycles and symptoms, among other, more health-oriented stats, and to keep tabs on fertility windows. The feature also offers cycle predictions, which improve over time, educational content and the ability to connect with other users through the Community feature.

This is all part of Fitbit's push to expand into new demographics. Fitbit is calling it the lightest metal smartwatch in the US.

Those are all features also offered by the Apple Watch.