Donald Trump calls news anchor 'sleeping son of ab***h' at rally

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And what did NBC's Chuck Todd have to say about Trump's latest remarks?

"Of course he believes in freedom of the press", Mnuchin insisted. He's had him over to the White House for off the record sessions, which usually begin with the president yelling at Chuck, Chuck yelling back, and then they settle down to have a civil conversation. Todd wondered. "Would you call last night's speech a focused speech on that?"

He went on to say that although he tries to raise his children "to respect the office of the presidency and the president", Trump "creates a challenge to all parents when he uses vulgarities like that".

"So, should we stop covering the campaign rallies?". "But again, don't take these campaign rallies and focus them on that's what it is". He accused all of Todd's Trump stories of being "negative" and containing a "false accusation or implication".

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Monday criticized President Donald Trump's use of vulgarity on the campaign trail to mock NBC News anchor Chuck Todd, pointing to "an opportunity and responsibility to be examples to our kids". "And they showed it this morning, 1999, and I'm talking about North Korea, 'You gotta take them out now'". I think - you know, the president of the United States has every right to hit back against Chuck Todd or anyone else if he thinks that he has said something or reported something that is unfair or untrue.

"I'll be with my kids this morning", Mnuchin noted.

'I never said that whatsoever, ' Mnuchin replied. "You know he likes to put names on people". Todd interrupted. "Don't worry about him as a role model?" "I think this last week, these last 10 days of him is the presidency he's dreamed of". In an interview with Todd Sunday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin defended Trump's harsh words, telling the anchor there were "a lot of amusing moments at that rally".

If it wasn't crystal clear already, President Donald Trump's roaring rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday night underscored the fact that, more than a year into the job, Trump has no interest in leaving behind the vulgar insults or biting attacks on the free press that defined his 2016 Republican campaign. Trump believed, according to Todd, the fact that he hosted The Apprentice on the same network meant that he was entitled to favorable treatment from Todd.