Rob Ford: brother of late Toronto mayor is new Progressive Conservative leader

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Ford was crowned leader after a third ballot of preferential voting within the PC voting system.

Based on its polling, Mainstreet Research predicts Elliott will defeat a second place Ford by a narrow margin.

Sault MPP Ross Romano, who had thrown his support behind Christine Elliott, was not immediately available for comment.

"Of course. the party as a whole has a large public interest in keeping the process going, given how close we are to an election and wanting to have some finality over the results", he said. "There's not even the latitude for error that a normal party might enjoy", she said. "Doug Ford has won the "electoral college" with more riding points", but Elliott has more voters.

"Tonight is a sign there is a lot of work ahead of us", Ford said, alluding to the challenges of the day. Ford, alleging that party insiders are only getting the registration materials out to select members, says the election process was "not transparent".

"A court challenge could cast a shadow over the legitimacy of whoever ends up winning the race".

He agreed any challenge would be a distraction and make things hard for the party to move forward as a united caucus as it heads toward the provincial election.

"Writing off Doug Ford would be a mistake because he is in good shape coming into Saturday", Maggi said. "To Kathleen Wynne, I say your days are numbered as premier".

Ford was in Sault Ste.

Some of Brown's rivals initially denounced his candidacy, calling it a distraction, but then stepped back to focus on their own campaigns.

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Rob Ford died of cancer in 2016.

Romano said it will take time, but he believes Doug Ford will disenfranchise himself from his brother. The party is now set to announce its new leader Saturday afternoon. "He was not the typical establishment (politician) and wanted to show he was not that typical establishment".

January 24: Patrick Brown, then the leader of the party, calls a last-minute press conference to deny a pending news report about sexual misconduct allegations.

The party has since reopened two nominations in contested ridings and abandoned a legal battle with a former party member who clashed with Brown over the nominations and other issues.

Ford supporters went to their social media after being told to go home, expressing outrage over the delay.

Inside the Markham, Ontario conference hall, the heated leadership campaign ended as it began, in chaos and controversy, right down to a Hillary Clinton-like-keeping-the-Ford-win-from-being- announced-as-late-as-possible. He said Ford had outworked the other candidates to attract the needed votes.

A total of 44,188 ballots were cast in the previous record of 2002.

It started with the departure of the apparent frontrunner Patrick Brown, who withdrew amid unproven allegations of sexual misconduct. He denied the allegations.

During the upcoming provincial election, less than three months away, you won't be able to see a sea of red hats emblazoned with the words, "Make America Great Again", as President Trump saw again in Pennsylvania last night, because it will be a sea of blue hats, marked with the words, "Make Ontario Sane Again".