China Abolishes Term Limits for President

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He would have had to give up the presidency after the end of his second term in 2023, but he could now have a lifetime to push his vision of a rejuvenated China as a global powerhouse with a "world-class" military.

In another victory for Jinping, the draft amendments to the Constitution would add his trademark expression for his main ideas - "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era" - into the preamble of the Constitution. Only two delegates voted against the move, three abstained and there was one invalid vote.

Xi Jinping took over as general secretary of the Communist Party and became China's President in 2013, a year later.

China has approved constitutional changes that will lift the restrictions on presidential term limits.

China has cracked down on online criticism of Xi's power play, even as shares of companies with "king" or "emperor" in their names surged after the amendment was unveiled.

Media captionShould China's Xi be president for life?

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The people's congresses and their standing committees in these cities will be able to adopt local laws and regulations under the condition that they do not contradict the Constitution, national laws and regulations, and provincial laws and regulations, according to the amendment.

"In fact, the more Xi Jinping's position is consolidated and the longer his governing time is to last, the more secure it is for the continuity of the policies", said Liu Jiangyong, a professor at Renmin University's School of International Relations.

Of the 2,964 votes cast, 2,958 were in favour, two were against and three abstentions were recorded.

Nevertheless, Xi's confident, populist leadership style and tough attitude toward corruption have won him significant popular support. It is not a must for a working democracy, after all the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Norway are all constitutional monarchies, while in Japan and Canada prime ministers are under parliamentary control and face regular votes of confidence. More specifically, with constitutional amendment just introduced by Chinese Communist Party's leadership, it makes clear that it is not interested in an open confrontation with or powers in world but cooperation for mutual benefit. The Communist Party of China has cited people's demand for change in the constitution.

This monolithic political structure, however, could be a wild card for China's economy, which is grappling with slower growth and soaring debt, observers say. She "absolutely" hopes Xi can rule indefinitely, she said. Trump is actually not the first president to have raised the issue of lifting presidential term limits; fellow Republican Ronald Reagan also did the same (though only after leaving the presidency and not at the start of his first term). "We've been cut off", said a representative of a Japanese company.

Schoolchildren, college students and staff at state factories will have to study the political ideology, which the Communist Party is trying to portray as a new chapter for modern China. China's government is tightening its grip on markets and encouraging state enterprises to grow and consolidate.