Instagram, Snapchat remove Giphy support over racist GIF

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No word on when the feature will go live for all users of Snapchat, but it's an encouraging sign that the company is plugging ahead in the face of backlash over the Snapchat redesign.

The feature is being tested out on Snapchat but hasn't been rolled out for all users yet. When someone views their Snap, they'll see a "More" option and after they swipe up, and they will see tiles showing people's profile info and an Add button. Snapchat has confirmed to a popular tech portal that they are testing the new feature.

If the person tagged also has this unofficial feature, then they will receive notifications.

As TechCrunch notes, tagging other users serves as a new way to communicate with friends on the app, while spotlighting your favorite Snapchat users. Both Instagram and Snapchat have removed their Giphy sticker feature after a user discovered a racist GIF could be added to story posts, according to TechCrunch.

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Facebook was one of the first to allow users to tag other accounts in photos uploaded to the site.

Earlier this year, both Instagram and Snapchat added Giphy integration to their stories, allowing their users to add GIFs from a library right to their stories. Although Facebook Messenger and Twitter also support GIFs on their platform, they utilize the Tenor database, which means that they are safe from this particular controversy, for now, at least.

It comes after Snapchat completely overhauled the app's design last November, by separating the app between "social" and "media" in an effort to make the app more personalized and easy to use.