Introducing the Limited Edition God of War PS4 Pro Bundle

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Releasing alongside the game on April 20, the bundle will set you back an RRP AUD$659.99. If you find it too ostentatious, there's a PS4 Slim 1TB console that comes with God of War on disc, it's also out on April 20.

God of War is unquestionably one of the biggest PS4 exclusives of 2018, so it naturally follows that Sony would want to pull out all the stops.

This limited edition bundle will be available in select retailers across the region, and pre-orders start today. While I don't necessarily care for God of War, even I have to admit how nice that console looks. With PS4 Pro, you'll be able to experience Kratos' journey through the wilds of Midgard in stunning 4K*. The Leviathan Gray DualShock 4 wireless controller has the Huldra Brothers brand on it (just like the Axe), and a very subtle God of War logo on the touchpad. Santa Monica Studios was extremely proud to adorn the custom PS4 Pro with the Leviathan Axe in such detailed fashion.

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What is the God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro India price and release date? The action-adventure will output in a dynamic 4k resolution via 2160p checkerboard.

It also said players with 1080p HDTVs will benefit from increased clarity via supersampling, and HDR lighting and a wide color gamut for those with TVs that support HDR. Since we're moving into the 4K era and Sony has a "4K" console, why not capitalize on that market of gamers looking forward to Kratos' return without Sony's latest machine? Of course, the bundle will also feature a physical copy of the title along with some digital extras, so if you pick this up, you'll be able to dive right into God of War.