Here's What's Coming In Far Cry 5's Season Pass

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Far Cry Blood Dragon is one of the quirkiest additions to the franchise.

Ubisoft is at it again with their upcoming game, Far Cry 5. Looking to expand the game beyond your traditional DLC, Ubisoft is giving the power to its players. One such mode is Bounty Hunt, which tasks the player with killing a certain character before escaping the level, Hitman-style. Arcade is also the home of competitive Far Cry 5 action, where you'll find PvP firefights galore.

And a 30-minute short film called Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate debuted on Amazon Prime, giving wider context to an earlier live-action trailer called The Baptism, and according to its own promo following a small team of video bloggers investigating the risky cult. "We're going to make sure it's more visible than ever. Climbing up to sniper perches or hiding underwater to surprise enemies was immensely fun, and deadly wolves, bears, and wolverines kept us on our toes by occasionally charging onto the battlefield and attacking the nearest player".

Far Cry Arcade will also include some new modes.

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Hours of Darkness thrusts you into the heart of the Vietnam war. Dead Living Zombies drops you into seven scenarios that send waves of undead your way.

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Lost on Mars is the second space-fueled DLC set on Mars. For more information regarding Far Cry Arcade, check out the handy trailer here.

The video below is the official short film announcement by Ubisoft for their "Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate" feature, which premieres on March 5 on Amazon Prime Video.

Ubisoft did, however, say that there will be live events, challenges that will let you earn in-game rewards (skins, weapons, etc).

And if all of that isn't enough for you, how about a free game?

The Far Cry Arcade is part of Far Cry 5's Season Pass, which also includes single-player campaigns Lost on Mars, Hours of Darkness and Dead Living Zombies. Each Tuesday in April will have Far Cry 5 live events, which will presumably be live events that will occur within the Far Cry 5 open world of Hope County.

It sounds as though Ubisoft has grand plans for Far Cry Arcade, promising to support it post-release with creation contests, new content, and more.