Apple's iPhone X-Infested Lineup for 2018 Detailed in New Report

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Last September Apple announced the iPhone X which was the successor to the iPhone 7 series.

Further considerations of the phone come from LG as Apple a year ago invested around $ 3 billion for making OLED displays for the company.

Bloomberg says Apple is considering a dual-SIM card feature for the 6.5-inch model, but could also wait for E-SIM technology, as now used in iPad cellular models and Apple Watch LTE models, which do not require a physical SIM card.

The report from The Mobile Indian also indicates that the biggest iPhone device which Apple is now working on will carry a mammoth display of a 6.5-inch size model. Regardless, this fall we'll likely see three iPhones that all feature the edge-to-edge design that made the iPhone X so striking when it debuted. It's said that this cheaper iPhone will not include a fingerprint scanner, and instead rely on the Apple FaceID instead.

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Both the larger iPhone and the refreshed iPhone X are expected to use Apple's next-gen A12 processors and will include stainless-steel edges.

In a new report, Bloomberg suggests Apple will trim down the handset's overall size by retaining the border-less design of its £999 flagship. However, Apple needs to be a little more careful with the pricing strategy they adopt for the cheaper variants.

Apple also plans to use OLED screen technology - which gives the iPhone X better resolution on lower battery consumption - and to include facial recognition technology known as Face ID, Bloomberg reported. This should keep costs down, making the device more appealing to many customers. That last model, which is now being referred to as the "iPhone X Plus" (no, it won't really be called the iPhone X Plus), is definitely the one people are looking forward to most, and we may have just gotten our first taste in a new leak. A dual-SIM capability would provide a compromise. The company is reportedly working on a gold colour for the new handset. This means that the phone will feature an enormous amount of screen space, but remain the same size in the hand as an iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple will use an LCD screen on the budget-friendly phone for cost-cutting, but it will house aluminium edges and glass back to deliver a premium look. And like the 8 Plus, it could come in gold. Apple soon discontinued the 5c.