Metal Gear Survive Bombs in UK Sales Chart

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The names follow the typical Metal Gear Solid 5 scheme of attaching an adjective to the name of an animal.

While at Konami, Hideo Kojima headed up a development arm known as Kojima Productions.

It looks like Kojima still has some loyal followers at Konami with the discovery of a secret message inside Metal Gear Survive. Gamers have spoken out against the fact that the game requires you to spend real money if you want to unlock a second save slot to begin a new character with, a feature that's free in nearly all other games. Well that was in the past when the series' director and creator Hideo Kojima was involved in the franchise. "Finally, the names "Iron Marlin" and 'Dire Gibbon" spell out MG, or Metal Gear when combined, and both are listed KIA.

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Survive is obviously the first Metal Gear game since Kojima left Konami in what looks like a very messy split, and it appears at least someone on the game's team still has feelings about that.

Our review is now in progress, but that hasn't stopped people from making the ultimate mistake of purchasing Metal Gear Survive without waiting to see what a panel of reviewers (in written, audio or video form) have to say.

The player's chosen name breaks up those two phrases, with Bastard Yota and Cunning Yuji - likely references to Metal Gear Survive director Yota Tsutsumizaki and producer Yuji Korekado - rounding out the list. It's possible this is all just a unusual coincidence, but it certainly feels like someone involved with the title was trying to send a message.