Sonos One and Google Home Max Sound Better Than Apple HomePod

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What's more, Apple is charging £268.44 to fix an out-of-warranty HomePod for you - that's not far off the smart speaker's original asking price of £319.

So desperate to hawk the product by the sound quality, the Tame Apple Press has even taken to printing a review on Reddit where an Apple Fanboy Fouzan Alam makes the ridiculous claim that the Apple HomePod has the same sound quality as a $999 KEF X300A. Which is sort of how he always sounds, but the HomePod overemphasized the bass and made Blake sound especially whiny. Furthermore, the Sonos One can pair wirelessly with other connected Sonos speakers and audio equipment (soundbars, towers, etc.), allowing owners to enjoy multi-room audio-a feature the HomePod has yet to master (although it says it's coming)-and build surround sound environments. Notwithstanding the fact that Siri is behind the curve on many things that Alexa and Google Assistant can do, the HomePod is, after all, an Apple device. Apple shares are up 2.4% Monday and 21% over the past 12 months. Unlike so many shockingly exciting iPhone launches of years past, however, it feels like the HomePod has landed with a thud.

If you fall in the Venn Diagram of "hardcore audiophile" and "Apple enthusiast", then maybe the HomePod is for you.

HomePod's audio performance would cement it as the best smart speaker for music lovers.

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Sure, it's seeing stellar reviews when it comes to audio quality and not-so stellar reviews when it comes to Siri smarts. But the HomePod also does give you a second interface: touch control. Even Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has had Cortana in a smart speaker for almost six months.

Early on in the process, iFixit found that the HomePod is one of the more hard devices in existence to pry open. Before even getting to that, should you damage your HomePod, don't even bother trying to get it repaired yourself because the device isn't meant for DIY repairs.

Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. One HomePod is surely better than one Sonos One. I could say the same thing "When You Say Nothing at All" by Allison Kraus and Union Station. But unless you're a member of the Cult of Mac, best to hold off on a HomePod for now.

Service cost with Apple Care+. They tested several HomePod speakers in a listening room lab environment, with reference speakers for comparison. My HomePod was purchased out of pocket with our site reimbursing me; if I was spending my own money, I'd pass on HomePod for now with a wait-and-see attitude as Apple improves the smarts of its smart speaker.