Chelsea Bomber Sentenced to Life in Prison After Explosion That Injured 30

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His sentencing attorney, Xavier Donaldson, requested in a letter to the judge that Rahimi, as part of his sentencing, "be allowed to avail himself of any educational opportunities" that he might qualify for in prison.

"It's inexplicable that anyone would do that intentionally", Berman said. The first bombing location he chose was along the route of a Marine Corps charity race in New Jersey. One of about a half dozen victims present in the gallery said that she wanted to say something.

Pauline Nelson accepted Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman's invitation Tuesday for victims of the September 17, 2016 attack to speak at the sentencing hearing for the Afghanistan-born Ahmad Khan Rahimi.

"I was never discriminated [against] by my religion, until I started following my religion", Rahimi said, adding that Federal Bureau of Investigation and customs agents had interviewed him for a half hour upon his return from a trip to the Dominican Republic a few years ago.

Rahimi also said that his father had reported him to the Federal Bureau of Investigation several years ago because he feared that Rahimi was getting involved in terrorism, and believed in the slogan, "see something, say something".

Rahimi, prosecutors said, gave inmates copies of terrorist propaganda and jihadist materials, including speeches and lectures by al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki, a US -born cleric who inspired attacks on America and was killed in a USA airstrike in September 2011.

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"I did not hear an ounce of justification", US District Judge Richard Berman. A second bomb planted nearby did not detonate.

They claimed he had given other inmates copies of speeches and lectures by Osama bin Laden. Discs of the materials were found in two inmates' possession. The other bomb, four blocks north, was discovered and rendered safe before it could explode.

Rahimi, a naturalized USA citizen who was born in Afghanistan, was arrested after a gunfight with New Jersey police, who found he was carrying a journal with praise for Islamic terrorists and promises of violence.

"By some miracle, no one was killed that day", Assistant US Attorney Shawn Crowley said in her opening statement in the trial.

Since his arrest, two other lone-wolf attackers have carried out bombings in NY.