Why the immigration divide in America is disheartening and scary

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Trump might get his wish as soon as Thursday if the House and Senate can't agree on any sort of funding package to keep the lights on.

"The costs are too high and we don't want to put our families at risk of [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] agents coming to our home addresses", she said. That's because she inspired the Dream Act, a failed piece of legislation that would have given people like her a pathway to citizenship. Democrats also asked for increased funding for disaster relief and opioid treatment programs.

"We are closer to an agreement than we have ever been", Schumer said. It would create a road to legal status for "Dreamers" who arrived in the U.S.by the end of 2013 and meet other criteria, including no convictions for serious crimes.

But Schumer said that the long-term deal being finalized would essentially make that concern moot, allowing his caucus to support a temporary funding measure that includes the language about spending levels through 2019. That plan would provide a lengthy path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million undocumented immigrants-which, he noted, is a number higher than Democrats are presently requesting.

The American president has been seeking an end to the diversity visa lotto program, as well as a halt to what he calls "chain migration", or immigration to the U.S. based upon extended familial relations, as well as funding for his border wall with Mexico.

From Trump to Chief of Staff John Kelly to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, senior White House officials offered sometimes diametrically opposed answers about the chief executive's views on pressing issues.

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Trump appeared to lose patience over a Congress still deadlocked on immigration. When most Democrats voted to shut down the government two weeks ago, Republicans' took to blaming their Democratic colleagues for holding the government "hostage" over the "unrelated issue of illegal immigration".

President Donald Trump met with law enforcement and lawmakers from Long Island on Tuesday to hear ideas on how to combat the criminal gang MS-13.

That simply is not true and he obviously is playing to a nativist base in an attempt to scare Americans into believing the immigration system has no checks and balances. He said Trump is unlikely to extend a March 5 deadline, when the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, is set to expire.

Kelly spoke as lawmakers have deadlocked in an effort to reach an immigration compromise.

Coons said Trump's push to limit legal immigrants' relatives is the "most divisive and difficult" of his proposals. "But it's extraordinary that we can't get this done just because we're afraid of the most radical element of the Republican Party".

With less than 72 hours remaining to avert a shutdown, Republicans were moving on an entirely different track from the president.

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