ME flu season nearing peak, with 876 new cases, 5 more deaths

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More than 500 laboratory-confirmed cases of the flu have been reported in Oswego County so far this year. It indicates that there has been one influenza-associated pediatric death in NY so far this season.

"Well, the influenza season is the highest it's been in years", said Dr. Tom Moore, director of infection prevention at Wesley Medical Center. Among the 48 states for which information was available, Arkansas' percentage was the fifth-highest, behind Kentucky, Texas, Alabama and Louisiana.

Hoyen said the flu shot is still your best bet.

"The flu is incredibly hard to predict and as we said, that flu seasons can range from 11 to 20 weeks", Schuchat said.

For comparison, from 2014-2015, 110 people died from flu-related causes.

"There is no shortage in flu vaccines", said Senior Human Services Program Manager Jylmarie Lewis.

County officials said since September 2017, more than 9,000 Hays County residents have visited a health care provider with flu-like symptoms and nearly 2,500 of those cases had a positive flu test.

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With more than 5,000 cases of flu reported last week alone, MI has so far recorded 18,358 cases of influenza in the first five weeks of 2018, Gongwer News Service reported. Though the vaccine is less effective in preventing H3N2, it has better protection against other strains circulating, and can shorten illnesses or reduce the severity of symptoms, Schuchat said.

DHEC continues to urge individuals to get a flu vaccine to help curb the influenza virus. Many people do not get flu shots because they've gotten one in the past and still got the flu.

"When people get to the extremes of ages, around 80 years old, often times they don't respond really well to the flu shot and they still get it".

He died less than 24 hours later.

Try to cough or sneeze into the corner of your elbow and not your hand, or cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.

Frequent hand-washing and avoiding contact with those who may have the flu is recommended.