Trump's Parade Idea Puts Critics on Tricky Ground

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On the same day as that interview was published, the Huffington Post reported that Trump and the team planning his inauguration had sought heavy military equipment for the January 20 inauguration parade.

According to a White House official, the plan is still in "brainstorming" stages.

"Because of what I witnessed, we might do something like that on July 4th in Washington, down Pennsylvania Avenue".

USA troops march during the annual Bastille Day military parade on the Concorde Square in Paris, France, on July 14, 2017. "But we had a lot of planes going over it, we had a lot of military might and it was really a handsome thing to see". The media has already made comparisons of authoritarian regimes such as Russian Federation and North Korea, that do similar celebrations.

As the world's dominant military power, the US traditionally avoids parading war weapons through the streets.

Trump asked the department of defence to explore a celebration "at which all Americans can show their appreciation", she said. "We will share more information throughout the planning process", Defense Department Spokesman Thomas Crosson said in a statement, the Post reported. He called that parade "one of the greatest he'd ever seen".

Trump's interest in a military parade was ridiculed by his political opponents.

Death toll tops 200 in four-day regime assault on rebel area
Death toll tops 200 in four-day regime assault on rebel area

The White House quickly sought to paint the idea as a natural outgrowth of the President's love of and appreciation for the military.

"President's Trump's desire to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a military parade in the style of authoritarian leaders he admires would feed his ego and perhaps his base, rather than serve any legitimate objective or keep with any long-held American traditions", Del.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said a parade would be a "fantastic waste of money".

Short says it's too early to know how much the parade would cost. Trump has been talking about one since before his inauguration, and was re-inspired this summer after seeing one on Bastille Day in France.

The occasion, marking 100 years since America entered World War One, saw troops march down the Champs-Élysées, accompanied by dozens of military vehicles, flyovers of military aircraft, and traditional mounted cavalry.

The Washington, D.C. City Council - which is dominated by Democrats - mocked the idea of the city hosting a parade featuring military hardware.

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