Quentin Tarantino Calls Thurman Crash 'Biggest Regret'

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He told USA trade website Deadline: "I am guilty, for putting her in that vehicle, but not the way that people are saying I am guilty of it". Tarantino said Thurman reached out to him this year to obtain footage of the crash.

Tarantino agreed with Thurman's version but said no one else in the crew considered the drive a stunt. She shared the full footage of the incident on her Instagram on Monday showing the moment she crashed into a tree while filming Tarantino's action movie.

She added: "For the record however, I would like to say that my work experience with Quentin Tarantino was pure joy". She commended the courage of the director and said she holds Lawrence Bender, E. Bennett Walsh, and Harvey Weinstein responsible for covering up the tragedy.

The crash crushed her knees and left her with a concussion.

Tarantino offered his version of the story in an interview with Deadline Hollywood.

"In light of the recent allegations made by Uma Thurman against Harvey Weinstein and her terrifying work experience on Kill Bill, my name has been mentioned in numerous articles in regards to the choking scene in Inglourious Basterds", Kruger wrote on Instagram.

Though it doesn't seem like it was Thurman's intention, the story thrust Tarantino into the spotlight, and people began digging for dirt. I talked to Uma and I said, look. "She blamed me for the crash and she had a right to blame me for the crash". I don't know how a straight road turns into an un-straight road, but it wasn't as straight.

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I have great respect for Uma Thurman, both as an artist and a person, and only wish her well.

"He was wrong. I bet he knows it", said Geimer. "Because she believed me". In an interview with Deadline Hollywood, Tarantino apologized for putting her in that auto, stating, "It's the biggest regret of my life, getting her to do that stunt". I walked the road, going the opposite direction. He also said he had misjudged how much sand there was in the dirt road.

He agreed that the incident tore a hole in his relationship with Thurman, and that "a trust was broken". "I can act all strangle-ey, but if you want my face to get red and the tears to come to my eye, then you kind of need to choke me", Tarantino explained. Because she trusted me.

"There are a lot of men in our culture who are put up to us as visionaries and auteurs", she said.

In the interview, Tarantino also responded to other claims in the New York Times - namely that the director spat in Thurman's face in the Kill Bill scene where Michael Madsen is seen on screen doing so, and choked her with a chain in the scene where a teenager named Gogo is seen doing it in the film.

He said he dug up the 15-year-old footage after speaking to Thurman for sometime about how she was going to reveal her encounters with Weinstein.