Natalie Portman's rap on SNL was even better than her first one

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But if you remember anything, odds are it's the Digital Short she collaborated on with Andy Samberg where sweet, intellectual, child star Portman transformed herself into a gutter-mouth rap star. Upon her return this weekednd, the writers were bold enough to delivering an all-new rap, and surprisingly enough, it delivered pretty damn well.

Honestly, we thought the whole thing couldn't get any better, then Natalie did a Stranger Things sketch and absolutely nailed her impression of Milli Bobby Brown as Eleven.

If you remember pop culture references from 2006, it's likely you remember Natalie Portman's first viral rap on SNL.

Natalie's 2nd Rap - Portman Portman Portman Portman Portman Portman.

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It's been almost 12 years since Natalie Portman rapped on SNL, satirizing her own good girl persona and assaulting Chris Parnell in the process.

The music video included a birthing sequence and Portman in her Queen Amidala costume from the Star Wars prequels, threatening someone with a gun.

And herein lies the genius that is a well-played SNL spoof. Set in 1775, colonists are meeting with leaders in Philadelphia to discuss the progress of the Revolutionary War. Yes, it's a guise for the Super Bowl rivalry, complete with Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey cameos, and it's just a great sketch. It isn't the strongest monologue in the world, but they make the best of it and put on an admirable effort that's worthy of praise.